5 Toys To Beat Boredom

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5 Toys To Beat Boredom

With hectic back to school schedules around the corner, help keep your dog entertained throughout the day with fun and stimulating puzzle toys! Not only are they a great way to keep your dog busy, but they also provide your dog with a job, which gives them a sense of purpose to help alleviate boredom. Just fill a treat or puzzle toy with your dog's favourite snack, such as small treats or kibble, and let them be rewarded with every treat they retrieve! 

1. Zippy Paws – Not for chewers

Your dog will love pulling each adorable animal out of hiding. This toy is great for dogs who love squeakers and a small challenge. 

2. JW Hol-ee Bone — Great for heavy chewers!

This durable rubber bone can be chewed and tugged. It can also be filled with your dog’s favourite treats to provide extra challenge.


3. JW Hol-ee Ball — Great for heavy chewers!

This treat ball is tough enough for heavy chewers but soft enough to be pushed and tugged. Fill the ball with treats or kibble and your dog will have to push the ball around to catch each snack as it falls out.

4. JW Treat Tower

This toy wobbles as your dog pushes it with their nose, slowly knocking small treats and kibble through each level of the puzzle. This toy is great for dogs that need extra challenge.

5. Ruff dog peanut

This soft peanut-shaped toy bounces and rolls so your dog will have to keep up with it just to get any treats out! The more your dog plays with it, the more treats will fall out, rewarding your dog just for playing.

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