PINKY'S PICK (BARKER ISSUE 004): Enjoying Leaves In Style

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PINKY'S PICK (BARKER ISSUE 004): Enjoying Leaves In Style

Blend harmoniously with nature using our most stylish and practical leashes in the colours of autumn leaves and skies! These are perfect for fall walks and playing in the leaves. Come in store to try these leashes and more in various colours.

Jasper  - Smoochy Poochy Poly Vinyl

Jasper is wearing a Smoochy Poochy leather alternative hands free leash.This leash is completely water proof which is great for rainy fall days. It also can be used around your waist, keeping your hands free for warm drinks! 



Hemingway - ROK Stretch Leash

Hemingway is wearing a ROK Stretch Leash. Ideal for heavy pullers, the stretch feature helps to reduce the shock and discomfort of pulling for both you and your dog. The red also matches the beautiful fall leaves perfectly!





Pinky - Found my Animal Blue Ombre

Hand-made in Brooklyn, NY, Pinky is wearing a Found my Animal rope style leash with colours reminiscent of cool Autumn skies. Found my Animal works to support animal adoptions so you’ll be giving back while looking stylish.

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