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Wooftown Puppy Classes

Why choose Wooftown puppy school? We go above and beyond to teach puppy parents the basics, focusing on developing real-life skills, from house training to polite greetings, and preventing problem behaviours. We aim to help you understand your growing puppy’s needs in order to build a relationship of mutual love and understanding with your dog.

Wooftown puppy classes will emphasize proper socialization, teach basic obedience, and address typical puppy issues as well as strategies for future success. We will cover essential obedience cues including sit, down, heel (proper leash walking), stay, come, and look (pay attention to your human!).

Each class will include a set training lesson for the puppy parents along with time for the puppies to socialize, during which the trainer will help owners gain an understanding of canine body language as well as proper interaction and play. There will also be opportunities for individual questions and concerns to be addressed as needed.

Wooftown Puppy School includes 6 weeks of consecutive classes conducted in small groups, with each class running an hour in length.

Please Note: Classes will be open to puppies who are 8-12 weeks of age (some exceptions) at the outset of the course. In order to join, puppies must provide proof of relevant vaccination history and a clean fecal test.

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